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Keshava Narayan Nigam

Chief Worker in Hamirpur District

It is the law of Love that it flows more intensely in separation than in union. From the 16th of October 1949 we were separated from Baba externally and there was no certainty or indication of meeting Him again in future. So during that period love for Beloved Baba flowed out of my heart in the form of many love-songs.

I thought of Him in solitude, and songs of love for Him spontaneously flowed from my heart. And, though I was not a poet and had never indulged in poetic activity, yet for the following three years songs of love for Beloved Baba emerged from my heart incessantly.

Once Baba heard all these songs and was very pleased with them and He encouraged me to try to write more of such songs if I found time.

Of these songs "Meher Chalisa" has become very popular. Its composition began on 24th March 1950 when Baba was somewhere near Haridwar during His New Life Phase. Meher Chalisa flowed from my heart on many different days, that is, 24, 25, 26 March; 4, 11, and 18th June, 1950, and 28th August, on which day it was finally completed.

Avatar Meher Baba has heard this Love-Song from me about 10 times on different occasions and He feels deeply touched by it. It has been now printed with its English translation into a big bound book and Avatar Meher Baba has been Graciously pleased to make His Signatures on one copy of it which has been given to me. It has thus become immortal and my matchless treasure.


© Mrs. Sudha Keshava Nigham, Dr. Meher Jyoti Kulshreshtha


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