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M. S. Irani

Your very loving "message to your beloved Master" was duly received. Those who are united in Love and feel so deeply as you do need no words to explain.

I know, dearest Jean, how you feel, and am so happy with the Love and devotion you have for your beloved Baba. Those were "tears of joy" that you shed at the first meeting — tears of Love that brought you so close to me, You could hardly imagine how I love you and how close you are to me.

And although I have been in seclusion for over two months — practically cut-off from all external contact, my love for those who love me as you do and are so dear and close to me ever pours forth in a way they alone feel and understand, and which need no words to tell.

All my love,

M. S. Irani


AS ONLY GOD CAN LOVE, p. 24, Darwin Shaw
2003 © Darwin C. Shaw


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