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Walter Mertens

Letters from India, 1938-39, translated from the German by Mathew Breindell

Letter I Meherabad, Dec. 6, 1938 (excerpt)

Dec. 3. Excursion to the Table-Land, a large plateau, barren, grass burned off; shepherd with goats, sheep, another with cows and oxen, everything is far and large. White eagles and swallows fly around, I take photographs.

Pleader tells how Baba was a Jain-saint in the last life, in the life before that of King Shivaji. As that person He was a great King, had many forts and fought the Mogul King Aurangzeb (Persian, Mohammedan), and his general Afzulkhan, whose grave is in Fort Pratapgarh, and whose head is buried there where the walls meet. Today Afzulkhan is supposed to be again with Baba, namely as his disciple Bua Saheb.

When we got back I asked Baba how reincarnations on a low level fit in. Baba answered, Avatar is always on the 7th plane and always is the same One. But just as Harin al Raschid was the King and always on the throne even though he often disguised himself as a beggar, craftsperson or even as a thief on account of his work, so an Avatar might sometimes take an outwardly lower form, though he is always consciously behind that form, on account of his work.


THE AWAKENER MAGAZINE, Vol. 21, No. 2, p. 25, ed. Filis Frederick
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