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W. D. Kain

During the 1950 Summer I received a call from Hassan Building, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi, where Baba's very devoted followers reside, saying that Beloved Meher Baba had arrived there. On another occasion I had enquired from Keki Desai and his wife Dhun about Baba's liking in the matter of fruits and food and I was told that Baba liked Mangoes and Papaya.

The Papaya plant in our kitchen garden was bearing fruit this summer. Before leaving for Kashmiri Gate, I plucked a single fruit off that plant and took it to Baba. It was a good sized fruit, yellow both in and outside, and it being tree-ripe Baba relished it very much. Strangely enough a strong wind the following evening just sliced the plant in two. Apparently it got salvation from tree life in lieu of the "service rendered to the Avatar." Never a Papaya plant matured in our garden after that....

A few days later on 23rd May, dear Baba with two members of the Mandali including Brother Eruch drove right to our residence (President's Estate). In the evening Prabha prepared the usual meal of rice and dal for Baba and also had a "Malai" dish (milk cream delicacy) ready for Baba. Baba partook of some rice and dal, but did not touch the Malai. After finishing the meal, He gave a two anna Silver Coin as the price of the meal, saying that in the New Life He did not accept any free food from any source. When requested to eat the Malai also, Baba regretted that although he liked Malai very much, He did not have the money to pay for it. Both my wife and I were touched by these remarks and were wondering how the King of Kings — our dear Baba — presented Himself to be so helpless and penniless.

Next morning Baba was taken for a round of the Talkatora Gardens opposite the President's Estate. It was almost mid-summer then. There were no flowers or greenery in the Gardens. But as soon as Baba entered the main gate, a big tree of Acacia type, which all those days was without any flowers or foliage, suddenly burst into a splash of colour showering scented blossoms on to the shoulders of Baba. This was a miracle for us to witness, because never had any of these trees blossomed in the summer months in the Talkatora Gardens, which happened to be my regular venue for morning walks.

Baba went right up to the garden end and on the uppermost terrace we climbed onto one of the towers from where Baba was shown the Qutub Minar. Baba remarked that He would like to visit that place as well.

The visit of Baba to Talkatora Gardens proved to be a boon for Delhiwalas. This place was just then known for its spacious grounds for Football and Cricket and a cluster of Mango trees. After Baba's visit, fountains started playing in the Gardens and it was given a facelift by adding lots of flower beds. And during the Asian Games an indoor stadium with latest facilities for competitive events was erected. Let Baba lovers know how the miracle happened.

In the afternoon of 24th May, Baba accompanied by Eruch, T. N. Dar, P. N. Ganju and W. D. Kain went to Okhala. Baba was strolling along the Canal Weir, when he felt like sitting and "talking." I took off my "bushirt" and spread it on the floor for Baba to sit, while all of us kept standing.

On the river barrage opposite us some anglers were catching fish. Pointing out to them Baba said, "Do you know who were the early disciples of Jesus Christ — Peter, Paul, etc." Answering it himself, Baba said they were all fishermen. Jesus Christ asked them to leave the fish and cast their spiritual nets over human beings in the future. Somehow or other Baba made us realise that He was the best fisherman, and has got all of us in his net — the lucky fish!

1993 © W. D. Kain


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