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Dr. Abdul Ghani

Unlike other such institutions no chastisement of any kind, no chaining, no exaction of manual and physical labour is allowed. The only restriction imposed is that on their liberty of movement, cooped in as they have to be kept, within a spacious but defined area.

The science of medicine may perhaps suspect in this the application of psyco-therapy for the reclamation of unbalanced minds; but it is nothing of the kind. Psycho-therapy, as a curative instrument, is of doubtful efficacy, and is still in an experimental stage. Even conceding it some appreciable success, it is only applicable individually in not very advanced cases, but never collectively.

Baba's method in the matter of reclaiming these mental derelicts is amazingly unique. Divinely dictated, divinely acted, it (Baba's method) cannot become a pattern for others to copy. It is impossible to emulate him, unless they find themselves elevated to the same spiritual heights.

It is one more testimony of Baba's perfection. Perfection is the experience of any two or all extreme opposite states of being or conditions at one and the same time.

It has been said, "Man is God playing the fool," then a mad person may be said to be "God playing the child." The insane people are veritable babies, altogether irresponsible, having no control over their bodily actions. Baba treats them as such, and children, we know, respond very quickly and easily to love.

Baba's panacea for all the ills of life is love, pure and simple, not the spurious imitation thereof which passes for love in the market of the world. Even parental love of a most exclusive and altruistic kind cannot come up to the love emanating from a God-realized Being, as it has its source in Divinity. Divine Love playing the servant through Baba is the modus operandi of the Mad Ashram under discussion.

Hence, no parallel institution, however idealistically founded, can approach the one at Meherabad under Baba's aegis.


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