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Dr. Abdul Ghani

It may amuse people to know that the Mad Ashram enacted a drama on 25th September based on the life of the King renunciator Gopichand. The chief cast in the play, consisting solely of the mentally deranged, is a feature perhaps the first of its kind ever attempted. For the mad to dance, deliver, sing and play is not only a sign of their returning to normality, but it is also a tribute to the potency of Love as a curative factor.

The spiritual aspect of the question is difficult to explain and perhaps still more difficult for the worldly minded to accept. The explanation vouchsafed by Baba in one of his playful moods, as to the spiritual significance of the Mad Ashram, will no doubt impose a severe tax on one's credulity. But it cannot be helped; the explanation on the subject is there; take it or reject it. It all depends on the individual preparedness or susceptibility to matters spiritual.

The Mad Ashram has not come into being haphazard. It is deliberately evolved to serve a spiritual purpose. According to Baba, perfection born of realization owes a certain duty towards creation. This duty towards creation is not a condition precedent to perfection, but a spontaneous acceptance of the situation. It is a mission self-imposed out of Love, on seeing or realizing one's own self as the Self in all.

One freed Soul finds itself bound and limited by time and space in innumerable others. Hence to advance others individually or collectively towards freedom, Self-knowledge or Realization is the spiritual object of Divine Incarnation on earth.

The end justifies the means. Perfect Masters employ material means for the spiritual end, analogous with Universal Consciousness devolving into matter to evolve individual consciousness. Mad Ashram is one of the means in Baba's spiritual programme to restore normality to the war-crazy world.

The question 'how he is going to work it' does not lie [exist] at all. Miracles of raising the dead to life, restoring of sight to the blind, curing of lepers by a mere touch or glance wrought by Perfect Masters, are accepted facts. Even if explained, it is impossible for the limited mind to understand the functioning part or process thereof.

You yourself are an answer to such spiritual or metaphysical questions beyond the domain of mind. Become That.


1975 © Avatar Meher Baba Poona Center


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