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Bal Natu

One of those who was traveling with Baba throughout Andhra was Adarsh Khare from Mahoba in Hamirpur District. He had also been present at the worker's meeting Baba had held on February 10 at Meherastana, just before He left Hamirpur. At that meeting, Adarsh had voiced a complaint to Baba. He had said that Baba should allow the local organizers to arrange the darshan programs and conduct them as they saw fit and without the mandali's interference.

Adarsh went on to point out that when Baba had given darshan at Mahoba, they had arranged for the important people of the town to meet Baba. But instead of being allowed some time in Baba's company, they were treated like everyone else — no sooner had they had Baba's darshan than one of the mandali was escorting them away so the next person could have darshan. "Let the local people handle things, Baba," Adarsh suggested. "They know who should be allowed a little more time, and they know how to treat these people with the proper amount of respect."

Baba didn't say anything at the time, as Adarsh went on to complain that the mandali were rather rude and pushed people about without reference to their social position in their efforts to insure that the darshan queues flowed smoothly. He simply smiled, and left it at that.

But now, almost two weeks later, Baba turned to Adarsh and signed, "Pull your ears." (Pulling one's ear lobes is an old Indian gesture to express repentance.) Adarsh was taken aback but he immediately did as he was ordered. But he could not help himself from asking, "What have I done?"

"Today's program was organized by the local lovers. Tell me, when you were leading Me to the car, what were you doing!"

"I linked arms with the other volunteers, Baba, and I kicked out with my feet, fighting a way through the crowd so we could clear a path for you."

"And when you were kicking people, did you stop to see whether they were important people or not? Whether they were the influential people? Did you stop to consider whom you should be respectful to?"

Instantly all of Adarsh's previous complaints against the mandali came back to him. But he realized now, from his own experience, that the mandali's main duty was protecting Baba's physical form. That took precedence over all forms of conventional social etiquette. Adarsh was filled with remorse and looked up at Baba who gestured again, with a large smile on His face, "Pull your ears."

What an amazing awareness Baba had; to know what each of His lovers was doing in such a crowd! And Baba's awareness of each of His lover's actions and thoughts continues unabated to this very day. Baba willingly allows His lovers to criticize Him, without attempting to defend Himself, until they have had the inner experience to be able to wholeheartedly accept the validity of his reason. This is a humility which is unfathomable, a patience which is matchless, and a compassion which only the God-Man possesses!

GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 5, pp. 111-112
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