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What Meaning Does This Worship Of Yours Have?
Vishnu: "I would rather die than put on Your sandals, Baba!" Vishnu pleaded.
One Foot In This Room And One Foot In The Grave
Vishnu: In death, as in life, he wore a tender look, and as his beloved Master sat by his body, it seemed as though Vishnu had drifted into a gentle sleep.
Dedicate Your Anger To Me
Pendu: Baba went on lambasting Pendu in front of everyone and Pendu grew very angry.
Quickly Collecting Himself, He Obeyed
Ramjoo Abdulla: As soon as Ramjoo had, without hesitation, fulfilled the command, Baba called him back.
Your Love And Kindness Are Infinite
A. R. Abdulla: It is too difficult for us stupid and weak in flesh to comprehend your Universal Mind.
Mary and Will Backett's First Meeting With Baba
Will and Mary Backett: I experienced the tangible definite gift of grace and Divine Love that He bestowed.
It Suffices When One Remembers Me
Dr. H. P. Bharucha: Those who cheer me and those who jeer at me are both equally ignorant.
Stories Of Lives Left Behind
Dr. Abdul Ghani: I agreed to go and stay with him for one year, and then I planned to return to my clinic.
The Very Body Of A Fixed Plan
Dr. Abdul Ghani: Ghani complained to him [Meher Baba], "Your constant changes frighten me."
Fit Instrument For His Work
Dr. Abdul Ghani: He was a voracious reader and read deeply on Sufi, Vedantic and Christian mystic schools of thought.
Implicit Obedience To The Master
Dr. Abdul Ghani: Considering his long standing habit Baba allowed him five cigarettes a day. But this was not sufficient for him.
Jal's Realization
Jal S. Irani: Later when Jal's wound healed, he would show his hand to new people coming into Merwan Seth's contact.
A Miracle Of Unbelievable Miracles
Jal S. Irani: Seeing this made me believe and accept Baba as God in human form.
Krishna's Life Is Saved
Krishna: Baba had pushed Krishna to the limit many a time during his life with him, but never had Krishna been so desperate, or felt so abandoned and alone.
Practically No Sleep
Gustadji: So for three years, in addition to subsisting on such a meager diet, Gustadjee had practically no sleep.
Always Off Piddling
Gustadji: You know that was Gustadji's way.
As If Aloba Had Become Electrified
Aloba: Baba glanced towards the road, and said, 'Look, that man has left again!' and to Aloba, 'Go, go and find out about him, who he is and what he is doing.'
Twisting My Ears Is Easy
Aloba: It was then discovered that Aloba's full weight had fallen on the fingers of Baba's right hand.
Tribute To Aloba
Aloba: At the age of 86, Ali Akbar Shapurzaman joined his Beloved Meher Baba on 13th August 2002, at 1:15 pm in a Pune hospital.
A Science That Reveals The Hidden Reality
Dr. C. D. Deshmukh: Baba had actually contacted him inwardly four months earlier when Deshmukh dreamed he saw Baba standing before him.
No Matter What His Beloved Asked Him To Do
Dr. C. D. Deshmukh: Baba that stone is really fortunate to be pushed along in the pram by You!
Allah Will Destroy All Your Attachments
Pleader: Baba said to him, "This is your seventh visit to me. What do you want? What do you seek?"
Beginning Of His True Creativity, Part 1
Francis Brabazon: It takes (except in rare instance) another person to make one aware that love resides in one.
Beginning Of His True Creativity, Part 2
Francis Brabazon: Indeed, as Brabazon expressed it, this was the beginning of his "true creativity" — the beginning of his own unique style of poetry.
Stay With God Has Come To Stay
Francis Brabazon: My love to all those who helped to make it the perfect book that it is — BABA
Francis Brabazon In Andhra Paradiso
Francis Brabazon: Not surprisingly, the tour secured even further Brabazon's conviction in Meher Baba's spiritual authority.
No Matter What His Beloved Asked Him To Do
Francis Brabazon: Brabazon described this gratuitous experience as mystical and far greater than anything which he had ever gained from meditation.
Wake For The Awakener
Francis Brabazon: Almost everyday he used to hold my collar and tugging at it with force shouted into my ears, "Wake for the Awakener!"
Become Like Dust In His Presence
Francis Brabazon: He momentarily became aware of the vast majesty of Meher Baba's being and the state of his own inadequacy.
His Main Job
Francis Brabazon: I got so tired of his being so much God that I wrote a song about it and sang it to him.
The Purity And Completeness Of His Beauty
Francis Brabazon: My own goal is that in that purity I become annihilate.
That One Alone Can Help Us
Francis Brabazon: If any one can help us to gain that freedom (which we feel is our birthright) it can only be one who not only says he has won it himself, but demonstrates his claim in his actual day-to-day living.
If There Is Any Purpose In Life
Francis Brabazon: If there is any purpose in life it can only be the continued unfoldment of the qualities of humanity, the complete unfoldment of which is called divinity or God.
The Story Of Don Stevens
Don Stevens: Baba said, "Who do you think has put you in the Oil business?"

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