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Revealing Himself As Christ
Countess Nadine Tolstoy: Something within me recognised in this dear shape of Meher Baba the incarnation of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Nadine Tolstoy
Countess Nadine Tolstoy: Her own sufferings and her days of nursing Ilya must have prepared her for the spiritual role she played in the Nasik days in India.
A Beautiful View Of Kulu Valley
Rano recovered very quickly, and Donkin told her that it was the lightest case of hepatitis he had seen.
We Make All Of Our Clothes
Ivy O. Duce: When I heard that the girls did all their own sewing I reacted as a typical American and sent over a batch of nylon nightgowns.
Mary and Will Backett's First Meeting With Baba
I experienced the tangible definite gift of grace and Divine Love that He bestowed.
Heroines On The Path: Baba's Work with Women in the West
Filis Frederick's article from The Awakener in 10 parts: Princess Norina Matchabelli, Margaret Craske, Jean Adriel, Elizabeth Chapin Patterson, Nadine Tolstoy, Ivy Oneita Duce, Kitty Davy and Delia DeLeon.
You Have Taken Me Unto You
Jane Barry Haynes: I love You and I bow at Your feet in surrender for now and forever.
I Am Not Leaving!
Jane Barry Haynes: I stood alone watching for a long time. Baba suddenly appeared in the door of the plane, gave one last gesture of farewell, and smiled His smile of smiles.
This Was Another Test For The Girl
Mansari: Suddenly a great light sprang right out of Baba's forehead and filled the room.
The Ice Cream Story
Mansari: Baba told her: "Stand there, be still, don't laugh, and open your mouth so I can flip the ice cream in!"
What Could Mansari Reply?
Mansari told Baba the entire story in detail after the completion of His New life when He asked her if anything special had happened to her during that time.
This Was My Sign
Dr. Goher Irani: Ever since then Baba's sign for me was tonsils — Baba would put His hand on His throat to indicate the tonsils.
Chickens And Messages
Dr. Goher Irani: I was so frightened — I had never held a hen in my life and was afraid they would peck me.
Goher's First Real Memory Of Mehera
Dr. Goher Irani: Goher's first real memory of Mehera comes from the 1938 birthday on the hill, when Mehera was 31.
Goher Herself Was Feeling Depressed
Dr. Goher Irani: Since leaving Myrtle Beach, Baba had made her ride in the second car, while Mehera, Mani, and Meheru rode with him.
Our Christmas Day In India
In the words of the Master, Jesus, we are told that it is just this child-like capacity for acceptance of the simple, unsophisticated joys of life that qualify one for the spiritual Kingdom.
Anita Vieillard, Baba's Loving Clown
Baba said to her, "Do you know who I am?" And she replied, "Yes, Baba." He said, "Who am I?" She said, "You are the source of all goodness."
Dagmar Remembers Anita
When she spoke again of Baba, it was with deepened love and understanding.
Katie Irani: He picked up one and held it near her mouth, but she refused to take it.
I Had Never Cooked In My Life
Katie Irani: The people began to complain to Baba about my cooking, and He called me to Him and said, "Katie, everyone is complaining, can't you cook better?"
Meheru Spread Her Arms
Baba then asked, "Whom do you love most in the whole world?"
Baba Shepherd
Meheru Irani: Baba Shepherd, have you any wool?
Yes dear, yes dear, three bags full.
Jack And Jill
Meheru Irani: Jack and Jill
Climb Seclusion Hill
For to seek their Master.
In Baba's Care Every Step Of The Way
Meheru Irani: So often I remember Mehera's words to Beloved Baba, "May we be worthy of Your beautiful love for us."
Baba Tells Meheru To Run Beside The Horses
When Baba came to hear of Mani's horse going village-wards, He asked why Meheru was not with Mani.
A Spiritual Saga
Elizabeth C. Patterson: In India he is looked upon as more than an outstanding religious leader; he is known as a very rare occurrence — a Sadguru or Perfect Master.
Baba's Spiritual Mother Gulmai K. Irani
Her single-minded devotion to Meher Baba was exemplary. This was in no less measure due to Meher Baba giving her the exuberance of His love and affection as a mother.
Gulmai's Burial
As the coffin was lowered into the earth, Baba, looking extremely sad, tossed flowers over it while Kaikobad offered prayers.
Kimco, My Heart
Kimco, my heart, now as ever and ever as now.
How I love you! How I miss you!
Just wait four months when I come and kiss you!
A Severe Penance Known As Chilla-Nashini
Khorshed Irani (Small Khorshed): Once Khorshed had firmly agreed not to marry, the Goddess held out her hand and allowed Khorshed to wear her crown and sit on her throne.

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