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My sister Mani loves me very much.
She doesn't worry about anything. She simply obeys me.
From morning till night, she is working for Baba.
She knows Baba is God, and loves Baba as God.

~~ Meher Baba

MEHERA-MEHER, A Divine Romance, Vol. 3, p. 151
2003 © David Fenster


A Real Nun
There was indeed no nunnery like ours, so cloistered and strict, and yet so alive and buoyant with the joy of God's personal presence and love.
The Forgotten Toy
All I remember is you, as you stood by the well one morning, combing your hair.
Baba Sent Me A Message!
"Who brought the message?" they asked.
May It Be Known
I would also make sure that Baba didn't ever forget me and I would use every little excuse to remind Him of me.
I Want To Be With You, Always
And my wish was granted too.
Memo And Bobo
For us children, our mother was Memo and father was Bobo.
The Skipping-Rope
That was the end of the skipping-rope. I never saw it or thought of it again.
A True Story
Mani's poem about the Blue Bus.
Best Friends
When I grew older I didn't lie any more — there was no need to. And, most important, I did not tell a lie to Baba at any time.
And My Father, Too
Baba had allowed her to observe silence to ease her heartache over not having suffered as much as the others in the accident.
His True Sister In His Work
With the women sitting in a circle around Him, Baba said that in His love, first came Mehera, His beloved, and then came Mani, His true sister in His work.
Supposing It Is Someone Else Who Is The Only One
On and on, I'd work myself up, imagining this one or that one as the Only One who existed — until I couldn't take it any more.
The Heart Begins To Know Him
As Baba said, do not "learn" God, just "yearn" God.
Can You See?
When the dawn breaks, the sheep will see that their shepherd had never left them. He was there all the time.
Take It All As His Dear Wish
And please tell Judith not to worry, as Meher Baba has said.
My Friend, The Goldfish
High up from the left door a Goldfish came flying in, her fins moving fast.
The Secret Cupboard
It was her way of saying to the world, "I give Him to you. Have Him. He's yours."
Your Promise
I will come again!
Don E. Stevens: Baba's Sister Was Adorable
But then why were her eyes dancing like a little girl's about to go on a picnic?
Heather Nadel: Mani's Reunion
"Mani remembers You night and day."
Some Thoughts From A Pilgrim
Arriving in Ahmednagar on August 9th, we were met by Bhau who had visited Mani that morning. "She no longer exists for the world," Bhau told us. "She exists only for Baba."
I Couldn't Pull Myself Away
I couldn't pull myself away. And so I stayed throughout the night as the fire slowly burned.
Isn't That Wonderful
Baba solved the problem of not using the alphabet board any more with His usual beautiful simplicity of solving all problems.
I Was Having A Lot Of Fun
For so many years, our lives had been restricted in every way, but now Baba said we could eat anything.
Babajan Closing Shop
She looked up at me and said, "What can I do, child? I have to close shop, because no one can afford my wares. I have to go."
Mani's Silence
"Baba told me to keep silence," Mani answered. "I never asked to keep it. But he knew my inner need. This order was a restriction for me, as I was a chatterbox by nature. Later, I figured out it was to share in Mehera's suffering."
Supreme Purity
Whilst silently sitting there looking at Beloved Baba's form, I felt wave upon wave of purity emanating from Him.
Big Orders
I felt ever so good after I had wiped away all trace of what that man had dared to suggest to me!
The 'Honeymoon' Is Over
His love equips you to meet life's challenges as you would want to in order to please him.
The Leg That Went To Heaven
The heroine of my favourite-childhood story was a goat. I made Mother repeat the story many times, and I would like to share it with you.
Mani's Powers
At 4 pm, everyone was called, and Baba told of Mani's powers and invited them to ask her questions.
The Slap
As straight and proud as I had walked out, I walked up that aisle back to Baba. I stood next to Him, head high, without shedding a tear.
What's a "moholla"? Hedged between busy streets, a moholla is a quieter locality housing middle-class and lower middle-class families.
Mehera's Special Place In Baba's Heart And Work
In her dream Mani was running down the Meherazad road towards the house in great agitation, when she was suddenly stopped by a beautiful blue light surrounding the mango tree.
Baba, Please Don't Wake Me Up!
I was so curious to see the object of Gulmai's admiration at the other end that I started to run towards her, while desperately pleading with Baba not to wake me up for a while.
The Little Lamp On Seclusion Hill
Three-quarters of the way up the Hill, I was amazed to see a tiny light twinkling on the slope of the Hill.
My Eternal Moment
For me the most important part of the dream was the moment when I was trying to catch Baba's whisper.
Yes, I Do Like Clowning
It comes much more naturally to me than being a secretary but of course our Master knows it.
Just For The Peace Of Mind We Get
Father was a gentle companion and a special friend to me. We had secrets that Mother didn't share.
I Wonder What Baba Feels Like
I wonder what Baba feels like, to have so many lovers all seeking Him, consciously or unconsciously, willy-nilly.
The Right Time
The 'right time' never comes — it is always floating by and you have to put out your hand and grab it in the air.
Don't Worry. All Is Well.
Staying in the Post Office with Mehera and the other women mandali was happiness complete.
Baba Has Once Again Turned The Faucet On Full
How often we have seen these precious tears overflow from a lover's heart in Baba's presence, when He lifts the divine curtain just the littlest bit.
The Only Time Her Face Lights Up
Baba will provide for it all and also a monthly allowance.
One More Life
Mani said Baba told her she had one more life to live, which would be as a man.
The Does Did It
Turning I saw three does lined up before Him. They were pure white, and wore sparkling tiaras.
His Lotus Feet
Having the Avatar's darshan, laying your head on His lotus feet or on His eternal Samadhi, is the highest blessing.
By Special Appointment
Mani would say to pilgrims, "I met Baba by 'special appointment' as it were, for I am told that Baba had asked Upasni Maharaj to give Him a sister."

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