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Ivy O. Duce

Another girl, a Miss Desai, told me her story, which interested me very much. When she first came to Meherabad her name was Mani, which caused confusion when Baba called his sister, Mani, so he asked if she would mind if he changed her name. She said, "I would much prefer to have a name you gave me, Baba." Since her family home was in Navsari, Baba gave her the name "Mansari."....

Mansari told of having a skin disease and of being given up as incurable when she was only seventeen. Her relatives attempted for two years to get her to go and see Meher Baba, but she had been through so many examinations that she felt hopeless about any help.

Finally, at the age of nineteen, she went. Baba told her that he would cure her, and as soon as she went back to her village the dreadful scourge left her. Everyone there marveled at the miracle. However, in a month or so it all came back and her friends jeered and said, "But you said you were cured. Now what do you think of him?"

She stuck to her conviction, however, and having passed this test her disease departed, never to return. Some six months later, she was told by someone passing through the village that Baba had a skin ailment.

This nearly broke her heart, and so she got together the money and went to see him and demanded that he give the disease back to her. He actually did not have it and this was another test for the girl. He finally promised her that neither of them would have it, and only on that promise did she desist from her pleadings.

He told her, however, that on her way back she should ask her uncle, a famous writer, to write for him a book on the hundred names of God. The man thought that she was crazy and refused, but every so often Baba contrived to send him a message asking for the book, until he finally capitulated and wrote it. When he had finished the final chapters, he decided to bring the manuscript to Baba himself.

It was read to Baba in the big room where the mandali were sitting with him, and suddenly a great light sprang right out of Baba's forehead and filled the room. Everyone saw it but was too awed to ask any questions.

The uncle asked Baba if he would ever see him again and Baba replied, "Yes, just before you die." Seven years later Baba came to see him, and within four days the man passed away.


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