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Arnavaz N. Dadachanji

Baba had put me in an agonizing situation, but because I accepted His will silently, He showered me with His love and compassion.

One day, while resting on my bed with my eyes closed, I had an amazing vision that changed everything and brought me great comfort. In the vision Nariman and I were acting on a stage; though there were many people in the audience, I saw only Baba and Mehera. In the first scene I was playing the part of Mira. Dressed in a beautiful white sari, spangled with silver stars, I was seated in a chair by the side of Nariman, who played the king.

The first scene faded into the second, in which Nariman and I lived in a palace, completely involved in our worldly obligations, although the true focus of our lives was Baba.

In the third and final scene the background was a forested area in the mountains and I was dressed in a plain, saffron-coloured sari. I walked alone in the forest, singing one of my favorite Mira bhajans, in which she says,

"Now I have come to you, my Beloved God;
no one can stop me from coming to you, my Beloved."

As the vision ended I was still singing, and it was as though Baba had said to me, "Your desire to lead a life of renunciation will not be taken away from you. It will be a gift to you after you have played out your role for Me in the world. This life has to be. You have to pass through an ordinary, normal married life." I felt great peace as I accepted Baba's wish and will.

GIFT OF GOD, p. 68
1996 © Meherazad Trust for Avatar Meher Baba


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