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Dr. G. S. N. Moorty

I was out and out a Vedantist. Hence I had several Vedantic doubts in my mind which I wanted to clear up from an authoritative source. In this connection, I would often approach Masters of Vedantic wisdom to quench the thirst of my hidden curiosity.

Now that I had come in contact with Meher Baba — the Ancient One, I thought it should be proper on my part to collect all my questions connected with the spirit of Vedanta and find a definite answer so that the same could serve as a master-key to solve all such problems — both technical and intellectual as envisaged in Brahma Sutras and Upanishads.

With this secret motto in my heart, I made out a long list of doubts in the shape of direct questions to be put to Baba, whenever I got a chance. The list of questions, typed out in 4 pages was pinned up and kept concealed in my shirt pocket. I sat before Baba at Meherazad, waiting for an appropriate time when Baba would be in a favourable mood.

Just then, a tiny packet of books was brought before Baba and placed on the little stool lying in front of Him. Baba asked Eruch to open the packet, which was promptly done. Then Baba with His own hands, picked up the top one and abruptly opened its pages and put His forefinger over the headline of a particular page; simultaneously, Baba asked me to come near Him and read aloud the passage where His finger was; and lo!

To my utmost surprise, the headline read: "The Question and Its Answer"

When the contents of that passage were fully read out by me, I felt internally that all my questions were answered and I had no more queries to ask. Indeed that particular passage served as a master key to all my Vedantic doubts and curiosities so much so, that I forgot about the list in my pocket....

Sitting silently and looking eagerly at Baba's blissfully shining face, I was deeply pondering the queer way of answering all my questions by Baba in Silence. At the same time, my attention was focused on that special book and I thought of buying the same through Adi K. Irani....

Within seconds, Baba again asked me to come near Him and when I went close to Him as before, He gestured to me asking, "What are you thinking at this moment?" I said nothing but simply kept quiet. The Silent Master was smiling in a mysterious manner and softly presented the very same book to me with His Holy Hands.

As I was receiving it in my human hands, the All-knowing Almighty Avatar spelt out through His Divine fingers saying "Keep it always with you. Let this be your Gita; read it, every day. You will be free from all questions. Love Me, I will help you."


1992 © G. S. N. Moorty


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