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Bal Natu

Your first loving, parental glance invited me Home. It directly reached the core of my being, gracefully pulling me out of my life-long ruts, casting me on a "meteoric way" to You.

That very moment, I felt within me a unique jolt which conveyed that I am nothing but a transient spark that parted from You, the Sun, eons ago, seeking, groping, not knowing what!

I was not yet aware that this was the blessed moment in which You brought me within the intimate orbit of Your gravitation — a sign that my real journey had begun.

For a while my spirit quaked before the dark, immeasurable chasm that stretched before me. And yet, my heart rejoiced with the certainty that it was now bound for Home.

What drastic changes Your glance produced in me! The veils of my so-called wisdom — so proudly worn — now voluntarily dropped away revealing that I am no longer a teacher of anyone. It was goodbye to that "teacher business" for good! This discovery made me chuckle whole-heartedly, especially when I heard the world heave a sigh of relief, too.

So, no more masks, no more deceit. After all, trying to be selfless is just a sophisticated form of selfishness in respectable garb. This made clear to me that there is not need for me to imitate or emulate anyone. How could I do so when I feel that it would dishonor Your call!

Now, sometimes I feel I belong to no one, and that no one belongs to me. At times I feel I don't even belong to myself. What a strange predicament!

Life has become an adventure full of suspense, comprising moments of fear and agony, interspersed with moments of security and bliss.

This "meteoric way" hurtles through the dark void of ignorance to crash into the fullness of Your being — the abode of Light, the Source of all meteors.


1991 © Sheriar Foundation


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