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Meher Baba

Message to Paramount Newsreel on arrival in London on April 10, 1932, read by Mr. C. B. Purdom, Editor, EVERYMAN, London

My coming to the West is not with the object of establishing new creeds or spiritual societies and organizations, but is intended to make people understand religion in its true sense. True religion consists of developing that attitude of mind which should ultimately result in seeing One Infinite Existence prevailing throughout the universe; when one could live in the world and yet be not of it and, at the same time, be in harmony with everyone and everything; when one could attend to all worldly duties and affairs and yet feel completely detached from all their results; when one could see the same Divinity in art and science, and experience the Highest Consciousness and Indivisible Bliss in everyday life.

I see the structure of all the great and recognized religions and creeds of the world tottering. The West particularly is more inclined towards the material side of things which has, from untold ages, brought in its wake wars, pestilences, and financial catastrophes. It should not be understood that I discard and hate materialism. I mean that materialism should not be considered an end in itself, but a means to the end.

Organized efforts, such as the League of Nations, are being made to solve world problems and to bring about the millennium. In some parts of the West, particularly America, intellectual understanding of Truth and Reality is attempted, but without the true spirit of Religion.

It is all like groping in the dark. I intend bringing together all religions and cults like beads on one string and revitalize them for individual and collective needs. This is my mission in the West. The peace and harmony that I talk of and that will settle on the face of this worried world are not far off.


THE AWAKENER MAGAZINE, Vol. 12, pp. 2-3, ed. Filis Frederick
1967 © The Universal Spiritual League in America, Inc.


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