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Mani Irani

We who have Baba's Love are, as Mary Backett said, "millionaires in love," but I told our Beloved the other day, "You should now get a millionaire in the worldly sense, Baba, some lucky one whose money you can use for your Universal work." But I don't expect there is such a lucky millionaire yet, so...?

It's a lovely experience to watch Baba work through the aspect of money, and one fathoms a lot from it, as from all things that Baba does. One sees money flow into His right hand and out from the left; while His own needs are so extremely simple. Baba will spend a large amount on what would apparently seem unnecessary things (like keeping the pet horse, our golden Sheba, who has every attention and luxury possible), while the mandali are more and more restricted in their ration of daily necessities.

But we see and learn how nothing that He does is unnecessary (however little or seemingly trivial and inexplicable), that it has deep connection with His work for the world.


THE TURNING OF THE KEY, p. 82, Bill Le Page
1993 © Bill Le Page


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