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Meherwan S. Kelkar and Manije S. Kelkar

In 1923 Baba was staying in Manzil-e-Meem in Dadar, Bombay. This was situated adjoining the railway line and Baba, when displeased, would often order things to be thrown over the wall onto the railway area.

One such occasion was during a discussion on Navalsha's and Dina's forthcoming marriage. Baba, who was to arrange the whole ceremony as ordered by Upasni Maharaj, had called Dina's father, Hormasji, to discuss the arrangements. Now Hormasji was a hot-tempered person, accustomed to giving orders, not taking them, and at some point he started arguing with Baba. Baba quietly, politely but firmly insisted on the point, and Hormasji flatly refused to agree.

After some time of this, Baba lost patience, and ordered Navalsha to throw Hormasji's hat and shoes onto the railway track. In those days of absolutely strict conventional behaviour, for a future son-in-law to do this, was unbelievable, but Navalsha without a moments hesitation, picked up the hat and then left the room for the shoes. He was on the point of throwing them over the wall, when he was called back into the room by Baba. Baba then proceeded to scold him, 'Have you no sense! Do you have no respect for your prospective father-in-law!? How could you do such a thing!'

Navalsha said nothing. Baba turned to Hormasji: 'Do you now agree to all that I have said?' Hormasji only started to say: 'But Meher Baba...' and Baba at once turned to Navalsha and said, 'Go! And make sure that this man's hat and shoes are thrown over the wall and don't come back until it is done!' But Hormasji had had enough, and hurriedly exclaimed, 'Baba, I agree to everything You have said!'

Baba was most pleased with this reply, and told Navalsha to escort Hormasji with all respect to the gate of the property.


THE DIVINE HUMANITY OF MEHER BABA, pp. 124-125, ed. Bill Le Page
2002 © Meherwan S. Kelkar and Manije S. Kelkar


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