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Prof. Amiya Kumar Hazra

If there was anything most manifest in Baba's divine descent this time, it was this attribute of omniscience. We had, of course, witnessed spectacles of His fathomless compassion, all forgivingness and all embracing love. He did not, in my experience, ever demoralize anyone, howsoever weak or wicked or vassal that person might have been. His very presence was emanating power....

It was my experience that however dejected I might have felt before I went up to Him, I became reassured of an improvement in my nature and also in the circumstances of life that engulfed me, and I personally feel that this was much more a demonstration of His power of uplifting a fallen man than the power of uplifting a big bolder....

As for Baba's omnipresence, I have seen it in many situations.... I have seen Him many times in the same clothes — the pink coat and sadra; standing close to where I was in a building opposite the polyclinic where my elder son was to undergo a surgery, just to assure me of His presence and His nazar on the child.

If I recount the examples of Baba's omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence in my life, it might turn out to become a huge book, but all such incidents would only confirm the one single factor the Meher Baba was hundred percent divine and had all the attributes of what we call God, i.e. omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, boundless compassion, unfathomable love, ennobling influence, and one who offered the greatest shelter that anybody could have expected in this sordid world: the shelter that would never be penetrated by any onslaughts of the world, or Maya, illusion.

The greatest feeling that I experienced in His presence was that I was redeemed and freed from all my sins of omissions and commissions, as His ability of forgiveness knew no limits and was not, in the least, modified or qualified by any laws formulated by any man or prophet of the world.

This total redemption was so unlike the ideas of many religions of going to hell that I started feeling that He was the only One who not only understood human imperfections and failures, but the only One who could accept you with all your imperfections as His loved child who could be assured of eternal unity with his Father, and, therefore, share His perfection late or soon.

When Baba said "Come all unto Me," it was not merely a play of words but the most sublime truth incarnate. He was unique in every respect and all respects, the absolutely matchless Being with no one else to compare with in my lifetime.


2010 © Amitabh Mukherjee


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