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Jean Adriel

He [Mr. C. Leik] had been a spiritual disciple of the late Shri Ramakrishna, another Perfect Master of the last century, and was inwardly directed by him to leave the Himalayan Retreat and go to the Master Baba.

When his companions heard of his decision they tried their utmost to dissuade him. He would, they assured him, be hypnotized by Baba and paraded by him as a European convert to further his 'propaganda.' At first he would be full of enthusiasm, but soon this would dwindle. Consequently he was somewhat bewildered when he arrived at Meherabad in October, 1928.

"But how utterly different I found Meher Baba and his Ashram to be!" he wrote.

"The Master is a personification of the highest spirituality and love; and the atmosphere of Meherashram reflects the deep peace and radiance of my beloved Master, Baba, as he is affectionately called by the devotees. There is nothing about him of the awe-inspiring solemnity that is attributed to the occult hierarchy.

"That love, which all my life I have craved, here I experience more and more as the days pass. One day Baba said he would help me by awakening in my heart the realization of his divine Presence, and later this happened. I became aware of the Self as the Self of all beings — and I know also that the One we call Baba has always been with me and will ever be, for all Eternity."

Then he added: "Truly it has been said that it takes a saint to recognize a saint, a Christ to recognize a Christ. Only those fortunate ones who have this grace given to them by the Master can know his true greatness and realize who he really is."


AVATAR, pp. 128-129
1947 © Jean Adriel


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