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"... A Perfect Master brings himself down so close to the ordinary run of mankind that in course of time, he is able to impart his knowledge to them. Take the case of Muhammad himself: when harrassed by enemies, and finding himself in danger of his life, he actually fled from Mecca and took refuge in Medina. Now, the greatest spiritual Master in the world, by fleeing from the place of his birth, acted after the manner of an ordinary human being when confronted with such an emergency."

Meher Baba, 14 October 1922, Bombay, RD p108
Another version: LM2 p441


"Muslims say that experience can only be gained through the Islamic religion, arguing for circumcision and other rituals. How ludicrous. Do any of you know why Muslims practice circumcision? Muhammad told them to cut down and annihilate their minds, meaning to cut through maya and cut away their sanskaras. This means keeping one's own mind under control and away from worldly thoughts. But failing to understand the true meaning of the Prophet's teaching, some theologians concentrate upon the custom of circumcising children -- a custom which people, without thinking, accepted and started to follow."

Meher Baba, 22 June 1926, Meherabad, LM3 p817-818


"Prophet Muhammad once told his chief apostle, Ali, 'If you want to know me, try your utmost to control your anger and transform it into love.'

"The very next day someone challenged Ali to a fight. Ali fought him and won. He brought the man down and sat on his chest.

"The man spat right in Ali's face (the worst insult to a Muslim), and Ali got so angry he raised his dagger to kill him. But then Ali remembered what Muhammad had said, and so instead he kissed him, and let him go.

"Now if he had not gotten angry, he would not have had the opportunity to control himself.

"That does not mean that you should go on kissing each other when you are angry.

Meher Baba, 5 September 1940, Meherabad, LM7 p2607


"Muhammad said, 'Keep engrossed in action alone. If you act well, you will go to heaven. If you act evil, you will go to hell.'"

Meher Baba, 17 May 1943, Meherabad, LM8 p2887
For a more complete version of this
quote, see the chapter 'The Avatar'


"It is said that once Rasool-e-Khuda (the Messenger of God) felt indisposed, and someone suggested that that was due to an evil eye, and that he should sleep on a pillow with an open knife underneath it. He did so, and thereafter declared himself to be all right. Call it ordinary or call it divine, it was Mohammad's sense of humor."

Meher Baba, 4 November 1952, Meherabad, GGM3 p156


"Let us take for example the stern discipline and fasts associated with Ramadan.* No doubt they serve some spiritual purpose. But one way of looking upon it is to regard them as a sort of compulsory rationing of food and water in those areas where they were rare, and where such control was necessary in the interest of society. It is not necessary to convert the instructions of the Prophet into inflexible and eternal rules of discipline. In the context in which they were given, they served both material and spiritual purpose. They cannot be regarded as inescapable or necessary in all times and climes. The same thing applies to any other disciplines given by other seers or Masters.

The Masters have sometimes followed external disciplines, including prayers, and have set an example of humility and readiness to learn from others. Thus Muhammad played the role of being taught by Gabriel. He thereby achieved two things. Firstly, he gave to the world an example of readiness to learn from others. And secondly, he awakened the teacher in Gabriel.

Meher Baba, 1957? Be p73-74

* Ramadan = the ninth month in the Muslim calendar, when the faithful abstain from all food, drink, tobacco and sexual intercourse from sunrise to sunset (alcohol is always forbidden in Islam).


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