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Meher Baba

Letter to Princess Norina Matchabelli dated December 31, 1934

Mummy mine,
I am Infinite. I am Eternal.
I know everything. I am everywhere.
I am all Power, Knowledge and Bliss.
Whatever I say is Right.
Whatever I do is Right.
Whatever I will is Right.

It is the delusion of duality and the illusion of Maya that sometimes make them appear untrue.

All I say, do and will, is for the upliftment of the innumerable beings, merged in the sea of ignorance, and for that I have to bear the cross of untold Infinite sufferings, being misunderstood and opposed.

You have to share in my suffering.

In love, faith and service for me, you have gone far ahead of others. So try never to feel depressed, disheartened, desperate and disappointed, but go on till the very end helping in the work of your beloved divine child.

M. S. Irani


NORINA'S GIFT, p. 16, Christopher Wilson and Charles Haynes
1997 © Elinor Publications Inc.


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