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Dr. Abdul Ghani, Munsif

In attempting to write a resume of facts and events covering a long period of time connected with the rise of a spiritual personality like Meher Baba, who is an ever-expanding figure in the affairs of the World today, one is apt to draw a very rosy picture of things as if it was all plain sailing for everybody concerned. Particularly to one like me....

In the first place it is impossible for me to avoid giving a personal touch to the narrative as a result of my early and intimate association with Meher Baba, and secondly, the possibility of my attaching too much significance to or reading too much meaning into words and events than is apparent to the eye... But the justification for my view-point in the matter is the resultant of two concomitant and fortunate factors — 1) the unremitting and personal interest of Meher Baba in me in spite of my hesitative and faltering steps and 2) my constant and persevering effort to study Meher Baba's spirituality through Muslim glasses, religious and spiritual.

This latter position can well be appreciated if it is remembered what the attitude of an average Muslim is towards saintliness outside the pale of Islam. The Muslim Church doesn't think much of spirituality which bears not the Muslim stamp and Perfection to them from anywhere outside its fold is simply unthinkable.

Bred and brought up in such environments, the claim to Spiritual Perfection by Meher Baba, goaded me to take rather an academic interest as well in the question of spirituality and saintliness indigenous and foreign and my conscientious efforts in that direction have amply been rewarded.

The unique opportunity of Meher Baba's company afforded full scope for the interplay and adjustment of my knowledge from books (Ilme-Safina) with the gnosis (Ilme-Sina) of Meher Baba. And the upshot of it all has been a revelation to me far beyond my expectations, which enabled me to assess charitably the relative value and need of apparently conflicting factors of faith and dogma at various stages in the mental and spiritual evolution of mankind.

Hence the side-lights afforded in the following pages on the spiritual influence and working of Meher Baba individually and collectively, are not the outcome of an emotional mind fired with hero worship but they are the logical fruit par excellence of deep study and personal contact extending over a number of years.

I shall deem my efforts amply requited, if the review of facts and events attempted herein concerning Meher Baba, succeeds in rousing even a few sincere souls to a healthy and unbiased research in the domain of spirituality. And who knows the truth underlying the old adage, 'the wish is father to the thought' may once again stand verified.


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