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Judith Garbett

At one time Baba had returned for the night in the Jhopdi, and the women mandali had returned to their quarters. Suddenly Masaji came knocking at their place calling out to Naja. Baba had called the men mandali, telling them that He was hungry and wanted bhajias.

These are made from chickpea flour (or channa dal flour as it is called) mixed with water to form a soft batter in which onions, coriander, chopped green chillies, cumin seed powder, and salt are added, then fried in hot oil.

Baba had told the men that whoever made them and brought them to Him first would make Him very happy, so they all dashed in different directions. Masaji, knowing that not only would the ingredients be available at the women's quarters but also their assistance, headed straight to them.

Excitedly the women all helped to get everything ready and the primus stove going. Naturally with such a head-start Masaji was able to bring the hot bhajias to Baba in double-quick time, and was rewarded with Baba's appreciation of his efforts.

On another occasion when Baba wanted bhajias quickly, Rustom came to the women. They all rushed to help Naja, one cutting onion, one grinding masala, everyone busy preparing the ingredients. Quickly the bhajias were made and ready to give to Rustom with some other food to take to Baba.

In the meantime Baba had sent the other men mandali to different family houses close by to ask them for the same thing. The bhajias and food from Naja and the women came to Baba first, followed later by that sent from other families.

Baba said: 'Look how they made it fast in a few minutes, and how everybody else was very late. See how they do it — a little example of how to keep ready for the Master. You never know when the Master will want something, or what He will want, and you must be ready and so quick.'

Baba waited until everybody's food had come. Then He mixed everything together, and gave some to each of the mandali, and ate a little Himself.


LIVES OF LOVE, Naja, p. 5
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