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Bal Natu

On this occasion, the sunny and breezy morning of March 1, [1954] as the mandali gathered around Him, Baba had an intriguingly humorous expression on His face and all became eager to know what was up. Baba pulled out His board and with accompanying gestures related:

Last night was a funny night for Me. It was quiet all around but a mad person had the whim to howl, practically without a break, throughout the night. You know well that tonight I have to remain awake for the whole time during the workers' meeting. So, yesterday I especially wanted to go to bed early but I could not sleep, even for a short while. I wondered what sort of madness possessed that lunatic which did not allow Me even a moment's respite or rest.

Baba was standing under a tree while Kumar, alert to his duty, stood nearby with an umbrella in his hand. Baba asked him, "Why should such a thing happen?"

Kumar promptly replied, "Because you wanted it that way." This was another way of saying that nothing happens unless Baba wills it.

Baba appeared pleased with Kumar's ready reply and, with a serious air about Him, gestured, "It must be so!"

Then, turning to others and pointing at Kumar, Baba added, "This man does not want to understand who is God or what is a Perfect Master, but he loves Me, knows how to obey Me well, and also to say the right thing at the right time." Kumar shyly looked at Baba, a little embarrassed at the fulsomeness of Baba's praise; the rest of the mandali smiled in appreciation of Kumar's qualities, as well as his being put on the spot!


GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 5, pp. 222-223
1987 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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