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Dr. Abdul Ghani

After a few months spent in the Jhopri on the outskirts of Poona as stated above, Meher Baba decided to celebrate the birthday of his Master Shri Upasni Maharaj and with that end in view left by train to Sakori (Ahmednagar District) on the 9th of May, 1922, with a party comprised of Muslims, Hindus and Zoroastrians and also the Bhajan-mandali of Kasba Peth. It was the first function of its kind celebrated by Meher Baba on a very lavish scale and since then it has become a yearly festival at Sakori.

This celebration of the birthday of Shri Upasni Maharaj was a sort of valedictory tribute of love and homage to the Master paid by Meher Baba, whose physical contact with him thereafter practically came to an end. The occasion further afforded most of the group accompanying him their first opportunity for Shri Maharaj's darshan, and the words of the latter delivered oracularly to those present had a far-reaching effect in crystallising and determining their situation finally in relation to Meher Baba.

Those who have heard and remember the words of Hazrat Babajan, "I have made you that Perfect, that very soon you will have half the world at your feet," can read in this but a personal tribute to the spiritual greatness and future of Meher Baba. But the words of Shri Upasni Maharaj on the occasion of his birthday were all-embracing in import and effect. They not only described the potentiality of his disciple as the Perfect Master of the age but they contained for the listeners a message of hope and spiritual possibility in the person of Meher Baba.

Addressing those present Shri Maharaj said, "I have given my charge to Merwan (Meher Baba); he is the holder and possessor of my spiritual treasure today. The world will be greatly benefitted at his hands. Stick to him at any cost; you will realize God very soon."

Those prophetic words of Shri Upasni Maharaj had a magical effect on the listeners by immediately and effectively dispelling forever any cobwebs of doubt, hesitancy and uncertainty that may have been lurking in their minds, and their interest and attention that was up to now focused on Hazrat Babajan and Upasni Maharaj was definitely diverted to and claimed by Meher Baba as irrevocably as destiny itself.


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