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Francis Brabazon

Whether Meher Baba is the totality of Godhood or not, I have personally no way of knowing — I can only measure to my own degree. But to that degree, he is the embodiment of that ideal which I call God. Since Beauty and knowledge has been the only God I have ever worshipped or pursued, and since this man appeals to my eyes as the very embodiment and manifestation of Beauty and knowledge, I call him God. Not only the all-forgiveness and humour in his eyes, but the very movements of his hands and body, have unlocked regions within me which were unknown to me before.

No man or woman, no flight of thought, no aesthetic experience, no sublimity of nature, has touched the depths of me as this man has. I have met no-one, nor experienced no experience, which has melted my heart or sharpened my intellect as he has.

So it was that when the people of Andhra in their thousands, folded their hands before him in devotion, I, in each one of them, folded my hands and bowed in my heart before the purity and completeness of his beauty. My own goal is that in that purity I become annihilate.

That man is the God-man who makes the path easy —
Nay, who wipes out the path altogether,
Goes straight to the heart of the matter
And gives one realization of the one Self.


From JOURNEY WITH GOD, p. 17, as quoted in
GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 5, pp. 294-295, Bal Natu
1987 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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