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Dr. Abdul Ghani

Once Sultan Mahmud of Gazia was on a visit to Khargan to see the famous saint Hazrat Abul Hasan Khargani. He sent a message to the saint saying that he had come all the way from Gazia and it was but proper that the saint should come out of his hermitage some distance to receive him. In case of refusal by the saint the messenger was instructed to quote the Koranic injunction: 'Obedience to God, obedience to the Prophet and obedience to the ruler amongst them.'

In reply to the king's message the saint excused himself saying: 'I am so much absorbed and drowned in the state of "Obedience to God" that I am ashamed of my lapse in the matter of "Obedience to the Prophet." I have therefore completely forgotten where the sultan comes into the picture.'


IT SO HAPPENED, p. 108, ed William Le Page
1978 © Meher Baba Foundation (Australia)


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