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Meher Baba

One crowded Sunday we saw among the long queue of darshaners who were awaiting their turn to approach Baba, a woman who was having trouble keeping her two boisterous youngsters in order. I did not think the Beloved could even have seen her, surrounded as He was with the others who were garlanding Him, taking His darshan and offering sweets or fruit which often He would touch and return to them as prasad. But He had!

When the woman came up to Baba, He asked her, "Do these kids trouble you?"

She feelingly replied, "Yes Baba, indeed they do!"

With a twinkle in His eyes Baba said, "If only two children can make your life a hell, can you imagine My plight who has billions of children?"

82 FAMILY LETTERS, p. 169, Mani S. Irani
1976 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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