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Dr. Goher Irani

In 1938 during one of the holidays I went with Arnavaz to Panchgani where Baba and the women mandali were staying. I had a very sore throat and a high fever, but in spite of that I went, and as soon as we entered the house Baba enquired after my health.

He was displeased and said "You can't stay here. Go back to Bombay immediately and have your tonsils operated on," and He sent me back the same night.

Ever since then Baba's sign for me was tonsils — Baba would put His hand on His throat to indicate the tonsils — and that was my sign when He wanted me. Right till the end this was my sign.


LIVES OF LOVE, Goher, pp. 4-5, Judith Garbett
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