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The miracles performed through the manifestation of the divine powers by the Avatar or the Qutub are called mojezat. These are performed for the good of all — on a limited scale by the Qutub and on a universal scale by the Avatar. However, these can be performed for any individual in close association with the Avatar or the Qutub.

The miracles performed indirectly by those on the fifth and sixth planes with the help of the divine powers are called karamaat.

The display of mystic powers by those on the first up through the third plane cannot in fact be termed miracles. Such a display is nothing but a show of powers that they come across while traversing the planes; such a display of powers is called shobada.

When the one on the fourth plane makes good use of the divine powers and performs a miracle, it can be termed karamat-e-mojeza; when he makes a bad use of them, i.e. misuses the divine powers of the fourth plane, it is termed mojeza-e-shobada.

The fourth plane is regarded as the "threshold" of the mental sphere, and so the misuse of the divine powers on the fourth plane results in a "fall" as far back as the stone state and results in disintegration of consciousness.

The occult powers of the first three planes, called the mystic powers, cannot be misused by the aspirant on these planes, though they sometimes are tempted to display them. These mystic powers are different and vary in expression, such as: reading the minds of others; reciting words or passages from a book without seeing it; allowing themselves to be buried alive for hours together, etc.

The powers of the planes are not induced. These powers are ever accessible to those on the planes, within their own limited environments, and as such need no concentrated effort to display them. This display of powers should not be confused with the demonstrations of mind readers and of others who put on stage performances.


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