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Meher Baba (Through Norina Matchabelli)

"Remember, whether you are good or bad, whether you have or have not the selfless devotion to your own ideal of God, whether you care for my help or react against me because of your prejudices, I love you."


"I love you as God impersonal loves. It is the Light, creating 'facts', giving life to all. And I love you as the Truth-Personified, whom you shall remember for ever.

"I, the God Personal, am the real Manifestation of the Truth. This Truth I can make you realize at will.

"This shall be My donation for you."


"God Impersonal exists as absolute reality in everyone and everything, in the finite world, in the transcendent spheres and unseen worlds. I am the same God Who has become man, in order to come close to you, so that you feel the warmth and the reality of Divine Love."


"Through unfathomable ways, I lead you to liberation.

"To be liberated is to be free from wants and desires. I can do it with my Will.

"My Will is Love.... Love, which you will realize in this age, at the moment, which I shall decide."


NORINA'S GIFT, pp. 67-68, Christopher Wilson & Charles Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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