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C. G. Nair

What a wonderful man! You cannot describe him! What nobility, what grace .... you cannot define it.

I can now understand why you all flock to him and stick to him as you do. He is like a huge magnet that draws you to him. I could not resist, in spite of his precise orders on the contrary, not to fold my hands in reverence when first facing him. His smile will always remain with me. It is so bewildering. I understand now the meaning of the word Awakener. He touches you, and something happens inside of you.

I believe he could be a genius in all departments of life. He works so systematically and with such precision. I am sure he knew how much water to pour on one, and how much on the other. When he was bathing the poor in that little dark room, it seemed filled with light.

When the function was over, I was so deeply touched by his truly divine personality and by the experience I had, that I could not resist an inner urge to pay my respects to him before leaving. But he had already ordered that we could not see him any more and that we should leave.

This meeting will be the turning point in my life!

LORD MEHER, 1st ed., Vol. 7 & 8, p. 2663, Bhau Kalchuri
1995 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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