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R. S. Singh Baghel

At village Dhanauri a special conference was planned to be held in the presence of Baba. For that conference special forms had been filled in by the Baba lovers and there were two types of lovers.

1) The lovers ready to surrender their whole life to Baba's work.
2) The lovers who were ready to work as and when they have time to give in Baba's work.

For the both types of lovers, separate lists had been prepared by chief worker Shri K. N. Nigam of Hamirpur and all the listed lovers had to be present in the meeting decided to be held at village Dhanauri at 11:00 a.m. on 7th February 1954. That special conference started in the presence of Beloved Baba in school building of Primary school at Dhanauri.

Both the lists were submitted to Beloved Baba by chief worker Shri K. N. Nigam which were read out to Beloved Baba. Beloved Baba asked the chief worker whether all named persons had arrived in the meeting or not? The persons named in the lists had reached there except some one or two lovers. Thereafter Beloved Baba cancelled the meeting and said, "This conference would be held when I will descend on earth after 700 years in the next incarnation period."

In this way the special conference which was decided to be held at Dhanauri was cancelled apparently for ordinary persons though there were some unknown reasons for that cancellation which cannot be understood by mind. Avatar does His work according to the divine plan ordained from before the present Avataric period. His working can be understood by a Perfect One.

After cancellation of that conference Beloved Avatar Meher Baba left the school building and reached on the darshan place and after sitting at the throne prepared for Him, He gave the following message:

"Now I am one of you. I am on your level wherever you feel yourself to be, I am also there. I am little, great, rich, poor, illiterate, literate, but only those who love me may know Me and My real state. Of which level the persons are, they love Me from that level. Try to love Me and make Me yours because you are already Mine."

During public darshan programmed one of the nearest mandali men asked the question from Baba, "Who is mandali man?" Beloved Baba indicated, "Special thing is, from both sides the feelings of nearness be present. To be one of the mandali men one should be nearest to Me but according to that position My nearness also to be there with them."

In the last Beloved Baba said, "Mandali men are those nearest men who are ready to sacrifice their all for me. That person who surrenders his life for Baba and lives a life completely under My directions, who does not demand of any thing of prize, who does not care for anything to be happened, and who feels happy in Baba's happiness, is a mandali man."


2010 © R. S. Singh Baghel


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