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Meher Baba

It is natural that at times you feel 100% miserable. Be sure that I know everything. When everything goes wrong, the mind becomes helpless and has to rely on the heart.

These are the moments when you resign to my will and rely solely on my help. When you leave all to Me, I dare not neglect you, and you get relief from your predicament. I am the Ocean of Love and Compassion.

Indicating the helplessness of a lover, the poet Hafiz has said, "In loving my Beloved, I have become like an ant under the foot of an elephant — safe and secure, but helpless to move."

To demand anything from the Beloved is an insult to Love. Love only gives and goes on giving till the will of the Beloved alone manifests through the lover.


82 FAMILY LETTERS, p. 176, Mani Irani
1976 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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