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Meher Baba (Through Norina Matchabelli)

The new cycle of evolution has a definite purpose to fulfil in man's mental constitution. The new mental constitution of man will be to realize through Intuition what the intellect or the rational method can never make men understand, and through understanding transform them into a deeper consciousness of life.

The new consciousness of this age will be therefore that all men shall have a far deeper insight, such as Intuitive Understanding.

Intuition is a mental condition whereby man can understand the inner organic structure of his whole mind. When we say his whole mind, we must understand the Eastern viewpoint that the whole mind is all that is, was and ever will be the universally apparent world; we cannot figure it out in any different way, because this is exactly what men will have to realize in this new evolutionary epoch through their insight, which is the equivalent term for Intuition.

All these terms will also have to be rectified in the future through the actual immediate experience of the individual who will be capable of feeling within through the intuitive sense the right term. Terms and names are superfluous viewed through criticism and diversion of opinion, when once the Experience is synonymous to any kind of a term. Those who can read mystical language are those who feel the inner meaning, of no matter what term or word the writer is using.

The mystical language altogether will in the future, be much more appreciated, as the human being will have the real feeling for whatever is the sense or meaning within the term or word.

The new age is apparently developing towards unification of thought creativeness and a pure feeling. These two diversive ways of understanding and knowledge will never be any more a matter of dispute, when once the head and the heart will have united in experience of the deeper meaning or sense which is a mystical fact that men of the intellectual type can not deal with.

The new age can no more be defined than by the new Awakening within the spiritual understanding! This new awakening within can no more be consciously developed by man himself through study or the ordinary three-body-yoga science, and here is the point where enters . . . the new Avataric power of rhythm as the Awakener of the new spiritual side of man.


NORINA'S GIFT, pp. 78-79
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