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Eruch Jessawala

"Baba once told the mandali that 'all you find and see of My Work while I am Meher Baba was planned and chalked out at the time when I was Mohammed.'

"All those whom He met as Meher Baba and all that He did as Meher Baba He had planned for when He was Mohammed. It was all so to say, 'filmed' at the time He was Mohammed, and was 'projected' while He was Meher Baba.

"All that has happened since 31st January 1969 was planned while He was Meher Baba. It was 'filmed' then and is being 'projected' now."

Someone asked about those who had met Baba for only a short time, towards the end as it were. Eruch said: "Your meeting with Him in 1962 was planned when He was Mohammed, and what you have done since He dropped the body was planned while He was Meher Baba.

"So for all who met Him as Meher Baba there is an overlapping, a continuing, of His ministry as Mohammed and His ministry as Meher Baba. Those who have come to Him since He dropped the body, He planned for as Meher Baba, and those whom He meets and all He does as the next Avatar has been planned while He was Meher Baba."


LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, p. 76, ed Jim Mistry
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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