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On April 16, 1946, Baba left Ahmednagar to go to the place of seclusion in Uttar Pradesh. This particular place was not known to Baba people. Only after Baba dropped the body did I learn that it was Niranjanpur, a small village near Dehra Dun, where a small bungalow with a fairly good garden was hired for Baba's stay.

The women mandali who lived in Niranjanpur with Baba were Mehera, Mani, Mehru, Naja, Kitty, Rano and a few others. It was about this time that Margaret Craske and Irene Billo were permitted by Baba to leave India for America and Switzerland, respectively. They had had the good fortune to live with Baba for over seven years.

The men mandali who accompanied Baba were Vishnu, Dr. Nilu, Kaka, Baidul, Jal (Baba's brother) and Eruch. The first two looked after the requirements and comforts of the women mandali at Niranjanpur. The latter four accompanied Baba on His mast tours. Soon Jal was replaced by Adi Sr. By the end of September 1946, Pendu, also, was called by Baba for the concluding part of His strenuous mast work.

Baba wished to remain absolutely undisturbed during this period of six months. Those moving with Him were spellbound by His love for masts and the extraordinary responses given by the masts in recognition of Baba's divinity. As Baba instructed, in the beginning of May 1946 Adi Sr. issued the following note to Baba people in India:

"As Baba is traveling for His work and is not likely to be stationed at one place, do not correspond with Him till further notice."

In spite of this outward restriction, calling on Him inwardly for help was not disallowed. Perhaps such restrictions were occasions to invoke Baba's guidance, ever so close within one's heart. In May, Adi Sr. joined Baba at Niranjanpur.

In spite of Adi's note, whatever mail from India that was received at Ahmednagar, and also the letters and cables which arrived from the West, was sent to Papa Jessawala at Poona. He redirected all correspondence in a single bundle to Baba's residence at Niranjanpur. Thus, every precaution was taken to keep Baba's activities a guarded secret from all His disciples and devotees in the East and in the West.


GLIMPSES OF THE GODMAN, Vol. 1, pp. 146-147
1977 © Bal Natu


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