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Eruch Jessawala

We reached Muradabad where Baba decided to remain for a while. Muradabad however was a place known for its severe winter and the companions, who had no woolen clothing, were feeling the harsh bite of the cold further accentuated by the fact that we also had no shelter.

Anyway, one morning we saw some carts in the distance evidently heading towards where we were encamped and as they came closer we saw they were being led by a youngster whom we recognized as Inder, the son of Harjivan Lal, a well-known Baba lover.

We asked Inder why he had come since all of Baba's old life followers had been clearly told they were not to contact Baba during the New Life. The young man was nervous and began to stammer. He said that knowing Baba's order, he was very unhappy with the task his father had given him which was to unload the carts at Baba's camp wherever He could be found in Muradabad.

Fortunately Baba said we could accept the gifts in bhiksha as it was a vacuum period, and so it was we received a generous and timely supply of woolen clothes, gloves, woolen socks, sweaters, jerseys and blankets while an equally lavish donation of dried fruits and other delicious edibles took care of our needs of the inner man. There was even a third cart full of cotton clothes for later use.

How Harjivan Lal was ever able to pinpoint the place to send his thoughtful gift, I still don't know but to all of us it was manna from heaven whose sovereign was among us as a companion that day working out His Mysterious ways as beggar and as Lord.

THE ANCIENT ONE, pp. 62-63
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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