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It is not merely a question of hardships and difficulties such as those encountered in mast trips. The most difficult thing now is the need to control emotions and feelings and to have absolute readiness for split-second obedience to whatever I ask you to do or not to do. I do not expect anyone of you to be free from your respective reactions of good or bad impulses such as anger, displeasure, likes and dislikes, but I expect you not to give any direct or indirect expression to feelings and reactions.

I shall be free in every way and you will be bound in every respect. I shall live amongst you as one of you like a brother. I may even fall at your feet and ask you to spit upon me. That is why I have been saying that the conditions will be such that very few would remain with me to the end. But at all times and under all circumstances you must continue to look upon me as your Master and to obey me implicitly.

Scrupulous care must be taken by those going with me to avoid creating any occasion or situation by word or deed whether directly or indirectly that may be capable of inviting or encouraging any homage or reverence to be paid to me or to any of you by anyone. If by any chance any respect or homage happens to be paid unsolicited to anyone, that action of respect or homage must instantly be met with an identical action on the spot by the Mandali concerned, except when I happen to touch the Mandali's feet or fall at their feet or salute them.

Above all, I shall no more be taking care of anyone's health or have any concern with anyone's moods and likes or dislikes as I have been doing so far. Under all circumstances those of you who really succeed in remaining with me to the end will become worthy to be worshipped by me. I shall therefore be glad to have as many more of the Mandali as can go with me, but looking at the difficulties ahead and to the conditions I have in mind to lay down in order to meet all likely situations and circumstances, I have my own doubts if five would be able to remain to the end even if 500 were to accompany me.


THE GOD-MAN, pp. 169-170, C. B. Purdom
1971 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


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