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Bal Natu

Your love-filled words drenched every part of my being, and I was transported for a while to another realm. "If only I could feel with certainty that You definitely know what I need better than I do myself. When will I feel this?" My heart felt a gentle anguish of longing.

"I know when" — Your eyes sparkled with merriment — "but I won't tell you in advance."

"May it become ingrained in me that whatever pleases You is best for me. In any case, Your reminder to call on You for help in all things, big and small, has eased my mind and lit for me a beacon to lead me through the muddle of mundaneness. I need You — Your fatherly guidance and motherly love — to make more and more room in my heart for You alone. I am sure Your help in my life, with all of its 'pieces,' will reveal a marvelous design of Your love for me."

You looked pleased, and with a simple nod of Your head, You acknowledged my heartfelt adoration. When You stood up to leave, You looked majestic, though at the same time I noticed a mischievous sparkle in Your eyes.

Pointing at the things on the table, You winked at me and said, "Wash the dishes, clean and dry them softly as if you were offering your prayers to Me. Attend to your bills and memoranda as though you were doing all that business for Me.

"Don't divide life into the temporal and the spiritual. I am the Indivisible One."


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