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Judith Garbett

Baba's favourite fruit was mango, then papaya and ripe figs. But at Meher Mount He ate some grapes which Dana Field had provided and wanted Him to eat.

Filis Frederick wrote about that occasion in "The Awakener". She and Dana Field were among those with Baba when He visited Meher Mount, Ojai, California in August 1956. All had lunch together under the trees, and Baba was seated in a large chair. He was in a jolly mood.

Later on when inside the house, He said "Dana has told me 'Baba, you should eat grapes, it's good for your health.' And today, as soon as I entered this room I found fruits here. So I ate a whole bunch of grapes. And now listen!" Baba patted His tummy, and they all heard it rumble and burst into laughter with Him. There was further conversation and much laughter, then Baba sent them all out to see the view.

Shortly afterwards Baba called a few back into the room with Him. He was pacing up and down, looked at them solemnly, and said, "I have made my decision! When I come back in 700 years there will be no more grapes on earth, and maybe that will help the liquor problem too!"


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, Part 2, p. 7
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