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Chanji on behalf of Meher Baba

Dear Norina,

Your letters to dear Baba have all been duly received. How happy it makes the Beloved you need not be told. You know and feel that within the Self that is the Beloved in you. The expression of the depth of Love and height of devotion as poured out therein bespeak the intensity of a heart that throbs only for the dearly Beloved, lives in Him and for Him alone!

The Beloved is indeed very happy to know of the way you become his "mouthpiece" and bestir and surcharge the atmosphere with His Love and Being wherever you move. It needs no sanction since you are entirely under His guidance, speaking of Him and for Him to all, who truly need His Love, Grace and guidance.

What is it but the greatest miracle of Love that you have dedicated your very life and existence in the sacred Cause of the Beloved Lord, devoting every moment in His service for the spiritual regeneration of mankind, now in the throes of distress and destruction!

No life could be better lived, no existence better spared, no Love better expressed, no service better rendered. Be you truly blessed, more and more, Nor-Jehan, the Beloved of the Lord! May you abide, for ever, in His infinite Heart, pouring out His love to struggling humanity, now in the greatest need of this Divine Torch-Bearer of Humanity to select his own torch for shedding the Light and Lustre of Love and Understanding to a world now groping in the dark, hankering after happiness that is illusory and bringing misery in its wake!

While the dear Master continues His humanitarian and spiritual activities here in absolute silence and seclusion, unknown to any of His real identity, His greatest medium and mouthpiece in you convey His message of Love to the civilized world on the other side, instilling in them the new light and understanding and making them conscious of the love Divine that will guide them aright in the spirit of selfless service and Brotherhood of humanity — the principal characteristics for the spiritual awakening and unfoldment that is to bring about the Universal Spiritual upheaval and Renovation in the near future.


NORINA'S GIFT, pp. 27-28
1997 © EliNor Publications


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