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William Donkin

In these three types also, greed, anger, avarice and lust do not exist, since the minds of the God-mad and God-intoxicated are always turned towards God, and the God-merged has no mind; their bodily actions are not under their control. They are indifferent to everything, so that their actions are either indifferently controlled, or are controlled by God. Whatever they do, whether it be called good or bad from worldly standards, it has no selfish motive or personal deliberation.

So if these persons laugh or cry, seem happy or morose, caress others or beat them, they are not conscious of what they do, or of how they behave. Nevertheless, their doing acts in anger helps those on whom this unconscious anger is spent, because their selfless anger destroys the anger sanskaras of the recipient.

In ordinary circumstances, if A gets angry with, and beats B, B's red sanskaras of anger become attached to A; A loses and B gains. If B also gets angry and beats A, then both are equal. If a mast hits either A or B, their sanskaras of anger are destroyed, but these sanskaras do not recoil on the mast; but if either A or B hits the mast, it is a terrible binding.

THE WAYFARERS, pp. 34-35, William Donkin
1988 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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