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Mani S. Irani

I find that people who want something in following a Master — I don't mean the inner longing, but that concentrated "wanting" — are so dead serious about it that they lose their grip on the fundamental. Theirs is not an awakening (like the opening of a flower) but a breaking open which defeats the very purpose. I find too that those who lack a sense of humor cannot hold on to Baba till the very end; just as I find that those who have extreme diet fads are never really balanced people.

Seeking pleasure in occult experiences just means that one is not mature enough for the real thing — as Baba once said about such tinsel experiences — it is like changing blue glasses for rose pink glasses; whereas a Perfect Master removes the glasses entirely so that one can perceive Reality as it is. But apart from all this, Baba (like the Compassionate Father and Mother that He is) cannot see a child heading towards a pitfall without warning and helping even though some seem determined not to be helped. As Baba once said to us all, "It is not your love for Me that is of such significance as my love for you."

LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, Vol. 2, p. 79, ed. Jim Mistry
1983 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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