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I come back here to the Yoga of Truth and I state here for the general public of the Western World that it is ... to have been wakened within by the Grace of the new Avatar.

Fragments From A Spiritual Diary, p. 35


Princess Norina Matchabelli

"Here, When I Was A Small Boy..."
I used to play wild games with my chums.
Norina's Message 12
Be your own Higher Self.
Shri Meher Baba
The reincarnation of the Love Master of all time is alive amongst us.
They All Will Have To Be Like Me
When in deep spiritual communion, I receive from the Master a commandment.
Was Is And Will Ever Remain Baba's
Norina's ashes were interred close by Meher Baba's Tomb on Meherabad Hill, near Ahmednagar, in India.
Only He Could Do It
He would switch the soul of her unborn child with the soul of her friend.
Fullest Fruition In This War
These two great Avatars [Jesus for the Christians and Mohammed for the Eastern World] have brought about a deep change of consciousness throughout all parts of the world. Men do not yet appreciate it.
Transformation Of A Princess
When I look back on my former life with all of its complications and worries I can see I was a crazy old fool. Through Meher Baba I have become an entirely different world citizen. I'm a young and happy woman.
The Dark Journey Of The Soul
When I was crying having lost hope to ever be rehabilitated in my old conscience HE smiled and passed onto me LIGHT which is the EMBRACE OF LOVE that passeth all understanding.
I Am Your First And Last Love
The significance of these words was fully realized by me when I met Meher Baba in 1931, and recognized him as the Christ personified.
To Realize The Truth
When ignorance is shed, the Truth is already then and there a fact of unclouded experience.
You Have Come On Earth To Realise God
You will dwell in unshakable Peace, in spite of the tribulations in the world.
Your Task Is Creative
I will unveil in you the Divine Self.
God In You
Those, who, in their thoughtfulness seek the Path, are dear to me.
My Will Is Love
My Will is Love.... Love, which you will realize in this age, at the moment, which I shall decide.
The Mystical Language
Those who can read mystical language are those who feel the inner meaning, of no matter what term or word the writer is using.
Go On Till The Very End
In love, faith and service for me, you have gone far ahead of others.
The Master Has Flung Open The Gates
Be ye inheritors of the Peace which he brings!
Truly Brave
The truly brave are those, who are true in conscience and pure in being.
With Faith And Courage
Ye, who are mad after the vanishing things that do not matter! Hearken unto me!
The Ingress Of Love
Cooperation of the head and the heart will take you to the fulfillment that knows no deficit.
A Direct Message
It is from my beloved Master, Meher Baba, in India through me here in New York.
I Descend In You
I descend in you to awaken in you the will to be God.
You Need Me
I can make man become what he cannot achieve by himself.
No Life Could Be Better Lived
The Beloved is indeed very happy to know of the way you become his "mouthpiece" and bestir and surcharge the atmosphere with His Love and Being wherever you move.

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