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Ivy O. Duce

Alain Youell related the following story to me:

"Once when I went with Don Stevens to visit with Baba in Meherazad, we stayed there a week. Baba had us all playing his game of seven tiles (or else the card game), and Baba always made up his own rules for such games. The one consistent rule was that whoever lost had to rub the ground with his nose. It was rather strange that Baba rubbed my nose to the ground quite a number of times during that week.

"The meaning of it only came to me about a year later when the doctor in London decided that they would operate on my nose. I had had a very troublesome infection in that region for a long time and no one had seemed to know what to do for it. The operation was a very difficult one, but it was very successful and I have never had any further trouble with that infection."

Of course it is my thought that at the same time when Baba was working on Alain, he was also probably accomplishing much with the game. He always said that he did not play these games just for fun, so in some part of the world there must have been someone or some group winning, or vanquished, when the loser had to pay so humbly for losing.

Alain also said that up until then he had never gotten along with his family. In fact, he had left home at the age of fourteen when his mother married a man he did not like. However, his relationships with his mother, his brother and so forth were always very poor.

At this time Baba told him that he must now get on with the job of getting along with his family. So on returning from India he went to visit his family and made every effort for harmony and was astonished to find that from then on they all became very friendly.

HOW A MASTER WORKS, pp. 715-716
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