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Ramjoo Abdulla and Dr. C.D. Deshmukh

Those who have carefully followed Baba's life, know that seclusion for him, is no sterile incident. Even in the past, Baba entered into seclusion several times, and every time, the seclusion had been carefully planned and executed. It will also be noted that every time, a seclusion has always either precipitated a new phase of Baba's activity or it has run concurrently with major changes in his activities.

But it will be a mistake to look upon any of Baba's seclusions as being no more than periods of quiet deliberations or planning for the future. They were intervals, during which he invariably intensified what he calls his internal work.

There have been occasions when those living near Baba, particularly at the time of the seclusions, have themselves seen, heard and experienced strange things. But for all that, it should not be presumed that Baba attaches any importance to miracles or spiritual phenomena. It is neither for self-discipline nor for self-indulgence in supernatural experiences, that he takes all the trouble to ensure a careful seclusion.

His seclusion is, for him, necessary for his exclusive work in the non-physical realms to be carried out without any disturbance to himself or any danger to others.

The element of spiritual phenomena is incidental. As compared with the Truth, Baba never gives any importance to any experiences of the Path or to miracles.


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