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Elizabeth Patterson

We were with Baba at Calicut on the Malabar Coast when Baba first contacted Chatti Baba. Then later two or three of the mandali brought him way up to Quetta by train. It was not an easy task. Quetta being high up on a plateau was very cold at that time, particularly as it was a rainy period. However, Chatti Baba would never be persuaded to sleep indoors, despite the cold and wet.

Sometimes when we were inside feeling cold, we would see Chatti Baba under a tree, entirely happy and showing never a sign of even noticing the weather. In fact, Baba had us go near him one rather bitter-cold day and we could actually see he was not cold — his warmth was coming from within. Baba said it was not uncommon with masts....

More than the physical warmth that he apparently was able to generate was his aspect of being always happy, contented [to have] nothing, and inwardly being alive to completeness. No wonder that a poet has said "the fragrance of saints is like the perfume of flowers." It does affect us even when we don't realize from where it comes. How much more it is with a Perfect Master that even the saints are drawn to them like bees to honey.


LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, p. 296, Kitty Davy
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