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Bhau Kalchuri

A little loss of memory is not an obstruction. On the contrary, it gives me relief. Otherwise, I would go on dictating and dictating. Yesterday [Monday, 16th July 2001], Mummy Lynne took dictation, and today, Creator is taking dictation. If my memory works, I will keep both of them engaged taking dictation, and because a laptop is now here, I use a laptop.

If another laptop I find, my Little Baby (Mehera Blum) will also remain busy. It is not difficult for me to give dictation to three people on different subjects. I can do it! So feel happy that I am using only one at a time.

More Trust work is coming to me. Today, I will go to see the M.P. [Member of Parliament]. So now, I am making outside visits. If my brain is all right, then I will get more Trust work and remain busy with all these officials. I will not be able to pay attention to Beloved Baba's dear ones. So let me be as I am.

I like everything which Beloved Baba has given to me. There is some purpose behind it, and that's why He has given it. Today again, I received an Awakening, and you will be happy to have it. Now Creator is typing, so she should just go on working. In the afternoon we'll go to the Pilgrim Centre. Yesterday, I could not go because I was with the Collector [a district administrator].


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