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Bhau Kalchuri

Baba has also been to Northern India at that time. Now what happened, a very, very good incident took place there. There was one village and Baba was giving darshan. So about 7-8000 people they were there and Baba was distributing prasad. Now what happened?

That one blind boy who was about 15 years of age; but blind, very handsome, healthy. So he was also in the queue and those people who were there, they were just helping him to approach Baba. And as soon as he approached, Baba gave him a banana and he was pushed away. Afterwards, after the program was over, of course we left for another place.

Now what happens on the way. Baba asked the driver to stop the car and Baba got down and he was sitting under a tree. And we all mandali members and others they came there.

And Baba said, "I tell you, God is really very, very compassionate. God is very, very compassionate. God saved me today."

And of course we did not understand what he was telling. Nobody could understand. And Baba said, "I tell you, God is very, very compassionate. Today He saved me."

And, what Baba was telling, what happened? We could not follow. So then Baba explained. "When I was giving darshan, one blind boy came; healthy, handsome, very energetic but he was blind. As soon as I saw him, I just felt an urge to give him sight. But God is very merciful, very compassionate; He saved me and that's why I did not give him sight. I felt an urge to give him sight, but it was not good for him and that's why God saved me and I did not give him sight."

And while Baba was narrating this, Eruch started smiling. And Baba looked at him and said, "Why are you smiling? What happened?" He says, "When that boy came to you and of course you gave him one banana and he was pushed away, the thought came in my mind."

Baba said, "What thought?"

"When you were Jesus Christ of course you performed so many miracles. So, I just thought that, Jesus Christ, of course, performed so many miracles. Gave sight to the blind, gave life to the dead and here is our Meher Baba, so very, very miser. He did not give him sight. So, the thought came to my mind, of course, and here, Meher Baba gave the answer. 'Yes, I felt an urge to give him sight but God saved me because it was not good for that boy'."


Transcript from a talk given in Washington DC on May 13, 1990


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